We need to talk about Bradley and we do it at 9pm UK time every day on IRC: all you have to do to join us is click here and choose a username.

If you use an IRC client, then we can be found at irc.chatspike.net:6697 #UKFriendsBM

More info on using IRC is available at #OpManning. Please note that they use a different channel to us, though!

2 responses to “DISCUSSION

  1. We have entered a new petition at the White House on behalf of Bradley Manning.

    First pardon all crimes, then support Bradley Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Please, have everyone on Earth sign it. White House registration takes 2 minutes. Voting takes 5 seconds. We have until April 5th for voting. As a guess it will take 1,000,000 votes to be sure that this petition can save his life. (Yes, the U.S. executes for Aiding the Enemy.) Thank you all.


  2. ——- The Petition ————-

    Horrendous acts related to the Iraq War have damaged America. In comparison, this young man Manning supported our very American views of civilization.

    We are a democracy. We cannot skip responsibility.

    Our most barbaric crimes remain broadly unpunished. We killed 24 children and unarmed civilians at Haditha. We ran Abu Ghraib’s torture chambers. We rushed into that war and had no idea what was happening.

    Bradley Manning’s theft of the Crazy Horse One-Eight video led to ending this American ignorance. Formal “Rules of Engagement” cannot replace moral commitment.

    Bradley Manning changed America. We are stronger.

    Prosecution now has Manning at risk of his life, charged with Aiding The Enemy. Please, a full pardon. Then, as well, please support Manning for the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize.

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