Upcoming Public Events – London / Pembrokeshire

We’re getting organised. Two events are planned in the coming couple of weeks – a demonstration outside the US Embassy in London on Sunday 20th March and a public meeting in Wales on Thursday 24th March. Full details follow – we would love to see you there.


On the 8th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq, demonstrators are gathering internationally to protest the plight of 23 year old Bradley Manning, the alleged whistleblower at the heart of the Wikileaks revelation of war-crimes that shocked the world. This young man has been held in solitary confinement in the US for almost eight months under conditions described as torture, without being convicted of a single crime.

Speakers tbc.

Meeting 2pm, 20th March at the US Embassy, Grosvenor Square, London

Bradley is alone in a windowless room for 23 hours a day, and his only outing is to walk alone and in chains in another. He is permitted no other exercise. He is not allowed to sleep between 5am and 8pm, and must give verbal responses to his guards every 5 minutes. He has no sheets or pillow and must sleep with his face visible to the guards or they will enter the cell to wake him. Quantico authorities claim this is to prevent self- harm, but even their own prison psychologists deny this is necessary.

Amnesty International has denounced the inhumanity of his treatment. So have lawyers, politicians, psychologists, and civil rights groups throughout the world, and the UN is investigating it as suspected torture. Still nothing is done. Since March 2nd Bradley has also been stripped of his clothing at night and is forced to stand to attention naked for morning roll call.

Bradley Manning is an American soldier, but he is also a British citizen by descent from his Welsh mother. We in this country have a special duty to give him our support, yet even though he is now facing a charge that carries the death penalty he has not even received British consular support. Despite Amnesty’s pleas for their intervention, the UK government has not spoken a word in his defence.

So today we’re doing it for them. From all over the UK, concerned British citizens are joining under the banner of ‘UK Friends of Bradley Manning’ to show solidarity with the international protests, to stand up for humanity and the presumption of innocence – and to demand that the US authorities


For additional information please write to 20march@ukfriendsofbradleymanning.org The facebook event page is here and you can find details of the the other events planned for 20th March here.

If there’s nothing happening in your area, there is still time to set something up: it doesn’t have to be large or elaborate. If you’d like further advice on this, there is an email list for prospective organisers. We can probably give you the advice you need.

Here’s Wales:


Wales has a special duty towards Manning as his family live here and he went to school in Pembrokeshire.

Truth Juice Pembrokeshire are hosting a public meeting with a speaker on Bradley Manning’s treatment and future at 7pm on 24th March in Newport Pembrokeshire.

The organiser said: “There has been a great response to this idea among our members.

“Our organisation exists to let the public know the truth that is being suppressed. We meet weekly, sometimes twice weekly and often need the main hall for our large audiences.

“The presentation on Bradley will not only cover his unique punitive treatment classified as torture, but also the widening debate on the ethics of wikileaks and the explosive growth worldwide of the movement in defense of Bradley Manning.”

For further info, please contact Vicky@ukfriendsofbradleymanning.org


Feelings are running high in Wales, as evidenced by today’s report in the Western Telegraph. There will be more of this to come.


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  1. Useful stuff expected by all…Let’s expect the best from the event.

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