UK Journalist Almost Confirms the Obvious

Good to see the Guardian’s Washington correspondent, Chris McGreal, discussing Bradley Manning’s status as a UK citizen with Greg Mitch of the Nation.

“I think you are almost certainly right about him being a British citizen at birth through his mother who still lives in Wales. It maybe that he even obtained a British passport because, as the Daily Mail reports today, he went to Tasker Milward secondary school in Haverfordwest for a number of years before returning to his father. Which means he either entered the UK with a British passport or would have had to have obtained some kind of visa in his US passport that recognised his right to be in the UK through citizenship. Either way, there must have been some form of official British recognition of his UK citizenship for him to have gone to school in Wales.”

This is by far the most substantive statement to date by a UK journalist on the subject of Bradley Manning’s dual citizenship. It appears on the website of a US publication. It is past time these matters were discussed fully in the UK press.


One response to “UK Journalist Almost Confirms the Obvious

  1. My British Government has an abysmal record of helping Brits in trouble, which contrasts greatly with the way they help Companies and Corporations. Manning has (allegedly) done something which is legally questionable but which morally and ethically is more than 100% correct. Unfortunately, the leaks are relatively superficial compared with the real dirt which has been going on and which continues every month. The cat is out of the bag. Let him not be punished by psychological torture which achieves nothing tangible. If this continues then any future whistle blowers will seriously consider leaking and then committing ceremonial and public suicide. Nick Clegg and David Cameron stand up to your hard men and to the Fascist President Barack Obama.

    Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare

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