Bradley Manning on Suicide Watch

This morning’s Washington Post reports that Bradley Manning was placed on suicide watch for two days this week (ending Wednesday evening), against the recommendation of the Quantico brig’s forensic psychiatrist and – seemingly – “for no medical reason” whatsoever. This is a highly disturbing development, but one that is consistent with the use of ostensibly medical measures (eg. the Prevention of Injury Order) for the purposes of punishing Bradley Manning and/or pressuring him to accept a plea bargain that has been a regular feature of his detention at Quantico.

Bradley Manning’s legal representative, David E. Coombs, has now made an official complaint to the Quantico Base Commander and his update is worth reading in full.

Incidentally, Bradley Manning’s other regular visitor, the activist David House, is due to visit over the weekend when he will deliver a 30,000-signature petition to the Quantico authorities, appealing for a lifting of Manning’s Prevention of Injury order. There is still time to sign this if you haven’t done so already.


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